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  1. ZroZlame

    Town montages thread

    Rag here
  2. ZroZlame

    Higher player count, ADvertisement and Twitch

    Me and rag are upgrading PCs again and we plan on making some content like we used to when we had 20k/8k subscribers :)
  3. ZroZlame

    Timed builder

    Make it happen
  4. ZroZlame

    DrTyttex's Content App

    Oh! is this built near our town too? That’s awesome
  5. ZroZlame

    Event Feedback

    What did you enjoy about this event? the best part for me was gather everyone together for the event itself, regardless of how good it would turn out to be. I felt like it looked quite nice on the whole, and there was some good jumps in there. What aspects of the event could have been...
  6. ZroZlame

    towny ban change

    Use doors and /lock
  7. ZroZlame

    New player retention kit

    The most important part to the cycle of longevity in Zaluria is new player retention. New players make the decision to stay or leave in the first few moments and their decisions can be swayed with careful intervention. One of the ways we can keep new players is by having an incentive for towns...
  8. ZroZlame

    Wolfie wolf

    Wolfie wolf
  9. ZroZlame

    Hello wolf

    Hello wolf
  10. ZroZlame

    Hey wolf

    Hey wolf
  11. ZroZlame

    Yo wolf

    Yo wolf
  12. ZroZlame

    ZroZlame discord ban appeal

    Do you agree to be honest and sincere with your answers? yessir What is your current minecraft username? ZroZlame, but upon my return I’d be looking to change it to something more pronounceable What is your ban reason? Discord ban: I think I was arguing with Wolfhound about something that...
  13. ZroZlame

    Town montages thread

    Will post montages of every decent town on here in future :)