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  1. Kaitlaninator


    Welcome to Camelot! Although Camelot has been many things in this community, we have returned for a third and final time (fingers crossed!) as a map art town shop! Camelot has hosted over a dozen brilliant artists, both new and experienced, and has most recently expanded to sell necessary...
  2. Kaitlaninator

    no name maparts (wallpaper)

    This is my personal opinion as a map artist and in no way is a professional response from staff. :) Though I do like that my name pops up when hovering over the map-- it tells players I made it--, there are multiple ways to get around this feature of the /copyright plugin. 1. You could...
  3. Kaitlaninator

    Event Content Team Application

    What is your IGN?: Kaitlaninator What timezone do you live in?: PST, but my sleep schedule is crazy and completely unstable due to quarantine. I'm available basically all the time, lol. How long have you been playing Minecraft?: I've been playing on various forums for about 6-ish years. How...
  4. Kaitlaninator

    Event Team

    In a way, us players are the innovators and idea makers, since we make the suggestions and try to help the server become the best it can be, assuming those suggestions are looked at and implemented. This suggestion was made before Naskel opened the Content Team to builders, too, so it's a tiny...
  5. Kaitlaninator

    Event Ideas! (Jobs XP boost, Frag/Catelyst Boost, etc.)

    An example of how well this would work would be yesterday's fragment miscalculation. I, along with a ton of other players, only got on to grind to take advantage of the insane drop rate of the frags and cats (sorry, not sorry lol). The entire server was basically a grind fest, and honestly, I...
  6. Kaitlaninator

    Event Team

    Because this Team would require Admin+ assistance for spawning in collectible items. It would be different than casual player-run events in that way and require command blocks, which player-made events don't have due to lack of perms and access. Players could continue with their events, but this...
  7. Kaitlaninator

    Event Team

    IGN: Kaitlaninator Suggestion Location: Server Suggestion Description: As we’ve seen, the player count is dropping, and I’ve spoken to many players regarding this issue. Many, planning to quit the server entirely themselves, have said one thing in common: I’d continue if there were events, or...
  8. Kaitlaninator

    Cobweb Crafting Recipe

    IGN: Kaitlaninator Suggestion Location: This is a suggestion for the server, though not for any world or job in particular. Suggestion Description: I suggest that a custom crafting recipe be made to craft cobwebs, for example 5 string in an 'X' in a crafting table. The implementation of this...