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  1. TwigTot

    /pay bug

    IGN: TwigTot Bug Location: Server bug Bug Description: When you pay someone in small increments, the math seems to be done incorrectly and doesn't add up at all. How to replicate: Pay someone say, .50 and other small increments, Additional Comments: Here's a screenie to kinda showcase it (I...
  2. TwigTot

    green dye & artisan

    IGN: TwigTot Suggestion location: sv jobs Suggestion: you cant craft green dye, you can only smelt it, so pls make smelting green dye payable for artisan Additional comments: #JusticeForGreenDye
  3. TwigTot

    Adding Ice & Mushroom Stems to Builder

    IGN: TwigTot Suggestion Location: Server Job Suggestion Suggestion Description: Add normal ice and mushroom stems to builder, I noticed these items weren't on the list, and think they should be added. Mapartists use mushroom stems instead of cobwebs with mapart, and packed ice is paid for in...
  4. TwigTot

    (Repost) Leaves into Green Dye

    IGN: TwigTot Suggestion Location: Server Suggestion Description: Green dye seems to be the most difficult ingredient to get for mapartists, as you can only get them from cacti. And cacti isn't really popular, so it's difficult to get sales. So why not fix this problem with being able to turn...
  5. TwigTot

    Farmer Perk

    IGN: What is your IGN? TwigTot Suggestion Location: Server Suggestion Description: Instead of having the current lvl 30 farmer perk (which is +10% Herbalism XP, which arguably I say is kinda useless when all you really need is lvl 100 herbalism to get auto-replant and you're set for the job...
  6. TwigTot

    Custom Enchants

    IGN: TwigTot Suggestion Location: Server Suggestion Description: I would like to see custom enchants a thing once more. These could be attachable to current Zalurians, or just all new items with the custom enchant. I feel like it'd be helpful for some gameplay with some enchants, say a pickaxe...
  7. TwigTot

    Turn off End Crystal Explosions in /warp end

    IGN: TwigTot Suggestion Location: End Suggestion Description: Turn off the explosions end crystals cause when they explode. This is rather annoying with the knock back and damages the player, and the fire under them should be turned off too. Additional Comments: Please this stuff HURTS
  8. TwigTot

    Winners of the MMBC

    Hello all! Yesterday was the Mythical Maze Building Competition, and Macor, Penpen, and I have judged all of your builds! The winners are as followed: First Place: Jakobrigtrup Second Place: Gnome22 Third Place: ngete Thank you all for participating, and we'll see you at the next building...
  9. TwigTot

    **ENDED** Mythical Maze Building Competition! (MMBC)

    The ground rumbles... cracks form across the grass... and suddenly a dark light shoots out of the cracks. Dark, stormy clouds start to form, and swirl around the light in the sky. The ground shudders more, breaking the land, and out emerged a structure, Darkness overcame the skies, and the land...
  10. TwigTot

    Twiggle's Introduction!

    Hello! My name is Twig! I have been part of the community since May of 2018. I am currently a player on Zaluria, and am usually a very active member! I'm 5 years old (ignore what my profile says smh smh) and I love stuffies, games, and chatting with you people! I play games like Animal...