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    All about me

    My hastag doens't work :)
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    All about me

    My discord username is Mujebbb hastag 1071
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    All about me

    umm.. i love it that Aboout most of this seerver.. it's really comfortable for playing. it's has Ranks i am glad it do has it! FInally this servers has :) I hope that this server get more new things that i could be perfect to <3
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    All about me

    Nice right. I have a disc username.But idk sure to tell urs too
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    All about me

    Hi! my name is mujebbb that's my minecraft username but my name is muheeb. Iam 10 years old. i have played Zaluria for 2 months.I offically a new player ii dont know soo much about this server. {About my fact} .I love playing minecraft that's my favorite game at all. .I love eating KFC alot LOL...
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    Twiggle's Introduction!

    Nice U are small 5 years old Nice good job
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    Welcome to our forums!

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    Town montages thread

    K good
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