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Artisan Job


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Aug 2, 2020
IGN: Bloxxanne

Suggestion Location: Server/Jobs

Suggestion Description: Ways to make Artisan a little better/additional perks.

Add dyeing Wool to payout for Artisan. I realize that Zoologist gets paid to shear the sheep but Artisans could still get paid to dye white wool. If included, it should only have the payout/xp of what dye is because it is a 1 to 1 ratio unlike the other Artisan materials.

For the level 30 Artisan perk, I'm suggesting an addition of /cure for turning dyed terracotta into glazed terracotta.

A good level 60 perk would be to have the ability to craft green and lime dye with cactus and sea pickles instead of smelting them. (This would be a good alternative to the suggestions I've seen to adding smelting cactus or terracotta to Artisan pay)

Finally my suggestion for the level 100 Artisan perk, ability to craft concrete powder without gravel. There are probably a few ways to go about that but one way is to make the recipe all sand instead of half sand and half gravel.

that is all for now.
Bye o/