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August 2020 update log


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Jan 22, 2020
Here are the recent changes done during August 2020 on Zaluria. Remember to join our discord to see updates and announcements when they happen.

  • Fixed various permission issues for nation members.
  • Fixed /payout leaderboard money/exp not working for artisan, wizard and zoologist.
  • Mob behaviour has been fixed.
  • Mob spawn rates have been fixed.
  • Missions will not repeat in the same day.
  • Chunk loading/unloading is now more smooth.
  • Decreased the Zalurian Droprate from the Wither boss.
Changes & Additions
  • Added support for 1.16.2 clients to join the server.
  • Added a reminder to ingame /rewards, discord #voting and the forums voting page to keep space in your inventory when reaching vote milestones.
  • Added 19 new missions.
  • Changed /capture to capture animals in a 3 block radius
FAQ & Rules
  • Reworded the level 60 job drop perk in /jobsgui to be more clear.
  • Added information about the mob limit to the rules in the "Play Fairly" section.
  • Added information about the hopper limit and mob limit to /faq in the "General Information" tab.
  • Added a new tab in /faq about daily missions.
  • Removed inventory tweaks from allowed modifications as this mod has not been maintained since 1.12. Please remember to ask staff before using any mod not listed on the rules as approved.
  • MrMacor was promoted to Content Manager.
  • Oxqii has been hired as a Guide.
  • Liliana_Vess has rejoined staff as a Helper.
  • Withers and Wither Skeletons money and experience payout has been reduced for the Hunter job. The base payout is now $70 & 46.7xp for Withers, and $1.47 & 0.97xp for Wither Skeletons.
Daily Missions has been released!
At the beginning of this month we announced on our discord that we had released Daily Missions to Zaluria.