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Ban Appeal Format

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Jan 22, 2020
Have you been permanently banned from Zaluria and wish to receive an unban?

In order to appeal a permanent ban on the server, please create a new post following the provided format.
Please answer all the questions provided to you to the best of your ability, and remember to be honest and sincere.
Once you've posted your appeal, staff will review your appeal as soon as we can and will discuss your case privately, and keep you updated on the situation. This usually takes around 24 hours once we have seen your appeal.
If you are waiting longer than 72 hours after submitting your appeal, please contact a staff member. Please note that temporary bans will instantly be denied, and you will automatically be unbanned once your temp ban has expired. We only accept appeals for permanent bans. Please DM the member of staff who banned you or use discord #support to ask questions.
Do you agree to be honest and sincere with your answers?: Honesty is integral to a successful appeal. Please be as clear as possible and include any relevant information that may be useful for your case.

What is your current minecraft username?: This is especially important if your forums name does not match your IGN. If you were banned for alt use, please also include the names of any alt accounts.

What is your ban reason?: You can see this on the screen when you attempt to log into the server.

Who banned you?: You can see this on the screen when you attempt to log into the server.

Have you ever received a punishments before?: If so, please list everything you remember and the reasons why you received them on Zaluria. Please also state if you have been permanently banned on any other server and the reason why:

What will you change not to get banned again?: This is important for everyone to know you understand the measures necessary to ensure there will not be any further issues.

Additional Comments: Is there anything you want to tell us that we missed?
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