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Apr 1, 2020
Welcome to Camelot!

Although Camelot has been many things in this community, we have returned for a third and final time (fingers crossed!) as a map art town shop! Camelot has hosted over a dozen brilliant artists, both new and experienced, and has most recently expanded to sell necessary materials such as dyes, wool, terracotta, and concrete powder to assist our aspiring artists. We do our best to ensure all shops are always stocked, and our dye shop also includes a small flower farm with provided bone meal. We even sell item frames!

Some of our best and largest pieces for sale include:

And many more! See one that particularly catches your eye? Comment below with the title and creator and we'll make sure to add it!

Our collection is colorful, vast, and actively growing by the day! Interested in any of these maps or wanting to see more and support our awesome artists? Visit /t spawn Camelot to donate, buy our art, or just take a look around!

Are you wanting to become part of our close-knit community? We would absolutely love to have you! Our artists are some of the kindest and most generous players on the server and would love to help you begin your map art journey and career, whether that be to explain the basics of what map art is, how it's created, or donate materials to your very first map! When you're ready, Camelot is waiting for you! Simply pick any wall and set up your chest shops. You can decorate it however you'd like, as long as it adheres to server guidelines, and all plot permissions are correctly prearranged.

Don't have the time for building your own? Most of us are actively taking commission requests! Not all of our prices are identical or cheap, but feel free to send any of us that are accepting a message asking about our policies regarding private maps.

Camelot has also expanded to include a complete underground Zalurian weapons and tools museum! Simply take the elevators down to see our collection, purchase or rent Zalurians, or sell fragments and catalysts!

Have any suggestions to better our town or want to see us sell specific blocks or materials? Please message Kaitlaninator in-game or comment below! We're always searching for ways to improve and continue showcasing the artistic side of Zaluria and its wonderful playerbase!

We thank you for taking the time to read about our beautiful town and hope to see you here and around the server!