Players Online

Custom Enchants


Apr 1, 2020
IGN: TwigTot

Suggestion Location: Server

Suggestion Description: I would like to see custom enchants a thing once more. These could be attachable to current Zalurians, or just all new items with the custom enchant. I feel like it'd be helpful for some gameplay with some enchants, say a pickaxe with insta-break for glass specifically or resistance to dragon breath. These items could spice up gameplay, and be pretty cool collectables! How these are gotten is up to you, I was thinking maybe they could be new Zalurians you can get within the current system or special scrolls that can be dropped from mobs that you apply to diamond tools that go with the scroll (Like a glass breaking scroll, would only be able to go on pickaxes.)

Additional Comments: Feel free to leave any more ideas, there's a lot of ways to go about this but it is something I wish would get implemented. Thanks for reading! c: