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June 2020 update log


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Jan 22, 2020
Here are the recent changes done during June 2020 on Zaluria. Remember to join our discord to see updates and announcements when they happen.​

  • Created our first ever event, the volcanic parkour event, with three parkour courses of varying difficulty. The Easy Parkour provided $5k, Medium provided $10k, and Hard provided a Zalurian Essence. Completing all three allowed a player to redeem a unique collectable "volcanic ash". This event lasted from June 5th - June 14th, and is now a permanent warp without rewards /warp ParkourEasy /warp ParkourMedium /warp ParkourHard
  • There should no longer be a cooldown on parkour portals
  • /show cooldown now also shows the remaining time
  • /vacuum now works with fortune
  • The colours on the volcanic ash event collectable have been changed to gold and purple, and it is now shiny
  • Fixed a bug causing occasional unsafe RTPs
Changes & Additions
  • The resource world has been reset with a 12,000 x 12,000 world (terracotta biome included)
  • Improved Paragon & Heroic store crates by removing conduits and restoration scrolls, increasing the amount of end crystals, wither skeletons and diamond blocks and adding fragments to paragon with double the rate of heroic. Check the rewards at /crates.
  • Made saving of parkour time clearer when you finish a course while being timed. Your time will only save if it's faster than your previous times
  • Began adding monthly forums update logs
  • Looting now affects the drop chance of mob heads. Increases by 2% per looting level.
  • The /market search has been recoded and heavily optimised. You can now filter by price, stock, buying/selling, or search for Fragments/Catalysts, Potions and more!
  • Introduced the parkour from the event as a permanent feature without rewards, but with timers and leaderboards intact. More info here
  • /warps in /faq includes info about parkour now
  • Updated the server to 1.15.2 for performance and stability. 1.15.1 clients can no longer connect
  • Added support for 1.16 and 1.16.1 clients to connect
  • Promoted DrTyttex to content
  • Promoted Grande___ to content
  • Brewing base money payout has been reduced to $2.87 for regular potions & $4.23 for special items, and base exp payout has been increased to 1.87 for Wizard
  • Changed Lvl 100 Digger perk to the ability to automatically smelt all dug sand into glass with a non-silk touch shovel
  • Added killing bees, dolphins, pandas, polar bears, wolves, bats, mules, cats, ocelots and parrots to Zoologist payout
  • Removed Cactus from Farmer payout
  • Added Cactus to Artisan payout
  • Pumpkin and Melon base payout has been slightly reduced to $0.12 and 0.08xp for Farmer
  • Netherwart base payout has been reduced to $0.08 and 0.05xp for Farmer
  • Logs base payout has been reduced to $0.24 and 0.16xp for Lumberjack
  • Cactus base payout has been significantly raised to $0.71 and 0.47xp for Artisan
  • Added crafting dye to Artisan with a base payout of $0.20 and 0.13xp
  • Added bone blocks to Builder