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October 2020 update log


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Jan 22, 2020
Here are the recent changes done during October 2020 on Zaluria. Remember to join our discord to see updates and announcements when they happen.

  • Killing players at /pvp no longer pays out Halloween Coins.
  • The Jack-O-Lantern event reward can no longer be placed.
  • /rtp to the nether resource world will now randomly teleport you in the resource nether world, rather than teleporting you to a warp point
  • Reduced chicken breeding payout to $1.46, 0.98xp base payout in the Zoologist job.
  • Cod, Salmon, Pufferfish and Tropical Fish can now be caught with /capture.
  • Level 100 Zoologists can change spawners into any passive mob except Villager.
  • Basalt, blackstone wall, polished blackstone wall, polished blackstone brick wall, crimson fence, warped fence, and crying obsidian has been added to the Builder Job.
  • Blackstone has been added to the Miner Job.
  • Magma cubes have been removed from the Hunter Job due to a bug.
Changes & Additions
  • You can now get mob head drops from 1.16 mobs.
  • The main nether world has been expanded from a 10k radius to 15k radius, which has generated new 1.16 nether biomes in the expanded areas.
  • The RTP radius for the main nether has been increased so you can /rtp to the new biomes.
  • Netherite items can now be repaired with McMMO Arcane Forging by using a Netherite ingot.
  • Treats are now more common in the event.
  • Efficiency has been added to existing Zalurian Hoes.
  • Added 2 new Zalurian Boots with soul speed, Spirit Boots & Basalt Boots.
  • Karol1na has been promoted to Moderator
  • AbsentCerealBowl has been hired as a Guide
  • TwigTot has been rehired as a Guide.
Recent Connection Issues

Halloween Event & Dungeons Soon
As of October 23rd, Zaluria has been running a Halloween Event, running until November 4th!
In this event, you are able to collect tokens from killing the brain dead patients of the hospital, and by finding candies around the hospital - but watch out, these candies have a chance of tricking you. You can use these tokens to redeem rewards in

We also announced that Dungeons is coming to Zaluria soon - On November 13th, two new dungeons will be available. One of them will be solo, and the other will require 5 people to play. Each dungeon will require a specific dungeon key, these will be obtained through voting & crates but if that's not enough to satisfy your dungeon needs, they can also be bought using ingame money although at a high rate. Dungeons will require using mid range+ Zalurians but will offer great rewards, some more rare than others, with unique new sets only obtainable through the specific dungeons and items with special set bonus effects. More information about the dungeons will be posted after the Halloween event has concluded. We are extremely excited to show you the amazing builds and see if you can defeat the dungeons! We plan to add many more dungeons which will be a lot quicker as we have the base building blocks coded and setup. If you're interested in helping to make more dungeons, you can apply for content team on our website!