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September 2020 update log


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Jan 22, 2020
Here are the recent changes done during September 2020 on Zaluria. Remember to join our discord to see updates and announcements when they happen.

  • Issues with job perks are resolved.
  • Issues with /t buy bonus are resolved.
  • Various issues with towny levels, limits & misc issues are resolved.
  • Zombified Piglin is now correctly defined in the Hunter Job.
  • /redeem now no longer outputs to global chat.
  • Removed 'green dye' from Artisan.
  • Fixed issues with performing Missions actions in claimed chunks.
  • Fixed /heal clearing potion and perk effects.
  • The Elytra from killing the Ender Dragon now goes directly into your inventory.
  • Fragment and Catalyst drops have been re-enabled after fixing and optimising how they drop.
Changes & Additions
  • Updated the server to 1.16.3.
  • Perfect Zalurians have been changed from Diamond to Netherite.
  • 1.16 Resource Nether added.
  • Regular Resource World has been reset.
  • The Ender Dragon now drops an Elytra on death.
  • You can now set permissions in towny for "nation" and "friend" alongside resident, ally, and outsider using /t set perm, /plot set perm, and /res set perm.
  • Raised some McMMO skills maxes from 1000 to 1500 (Check the new McMMO guide on the forums!).
  • A message has been added at the warp point to the new nether resource to indicate when you have left the protected region and are able to start collecting resources.
  • Added a /mcmmohelp command to access the McMMO Guide
FAQ & Rules
  • Added information about town & nation levels and their respective bonuses to /townygui.
  • Created a new in-depth McMMO forums guide to provide useful information about McMMO levelling, and added this as a link in /mcmmogui.
  • Added information about Town & Nation levels and their outpost & claim bonuses to /townygui.
  • Oxqii has been promoted to Helper.
  • The recipe for crafting Fly Potions is now one elytra per Fly Potion.
  • Added cracked nether bricks, chiselled nether bricks, quartz bricks, crimson planks, crimson stairs, crimson slabs, warped planks, warped stairs, warped slabs, shroomlight, nether wart block, blackstone, blackstone stairs, blackstone slabs, polished blackstone, chiselled polished blackstone, polished blackstone bricks, polished blackstone brick stairs, polished blackstone brick slabs, polished basalt and cracked polished blackstone bricks to the Builder Job.
  • Added crimson nylium, warped nylium and soul soil to the Digger Job.
  • Added crimson stem, warped stem, crimson hyphae and warped hyphae to the Lumberjack Job.
  • Added Hoglin and Zoglin to the Hunter Job.
  • Added killing striders and breeding striders to the Zoologist Job.
  • Added ancient debris to the Miner Job with the same payout as obsidian.
  • Added basalt and netherrack to the Miner Job with the same payout as stone.
  • Added nether gold ore to the Miner Job with the same payout as gold ore.
  • Added nether quartz ore to the Miner Job with the same payout as iron ore.
Zaluria has updated to 1.16!
As of the 17th of September, Zaluria is now a 1.16.3 server and can only be connected to using this version.
We now have a 1.16 resource nether for you to collect materials, and have added new ways of grinding your jobs with the new 1.16 blocks and mobs!