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Zaluria's First Event and Crate Update!


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Jan 22, 2020
Hey everyone!

The volcanic parkour event has arrived! We int-erupt your grinding to reveal Zaluria's first event! We're thrilled to show you the event our newly promoted event team has prepared for you.

Use /warp event to access the event and follow the instructions.

The rewards will include ingame money for the easy and medium parkours, a Zalurian essence for the hard parkour, and an exclusive cosmetic if you complete all three parkours for all you collectors.
There are three levels at different difficulty, you must complete them all to get all the rewards!

Use /eventprogress to check your own progress in the event
Use /eventleaderboard to check the leaderboard for the event
Use /cashouttokens to redeem your tokens for completing all three parkour courses, and allow you to collect your exclusive cosmetic Zalurian!

You can time yourself by pressing the button at the start of each parkour!

This event will last from now until the 14th of June in the evening.

Store Update
We have updated the heroic and paragon crates so the rewards better reflect the current economy.
We removed conduits and restoration scrolls, and increased the amount of end crystals, wither skeletons and diamond blocks and added fragments to paragon with double the rate of heroic.
You can check out the rewards by clicking the crates at spawn (/crates) or check them out on the

download (4)-min (1).png